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2008Vacation - 2008 Hart vacation in Yosemite

2008-05-27 - Pictures

2008-05-17 - Pictures

2008-05-10 - Pictures

2008-04-19 - Pictures

2008-04-15 - Pictures

2008-04-14 - Pictures

2008-04-13 - Pictures

2008-04-12 - Pictures

2008-04-11 - Pictures

2008-04-02 - Pictures

2008-03-30 - Pictures

2008-02-23 - Pictures

2008-02-22 - Pictures

2008-02-19 - Pictures

2007-12-29 - Pictures

2007-12-25 - Pictures

2007-12-24 - Pictures

2007-12-01 - Pictures

2007-11-13 - Pictures

2007-11-10 - Pictures

2007-11-04 - Pictures

2007-11-03 - Pictures

2007-11-01 - Pictures

2007-10-31 - Pictures

2007-10-30 - Pictures

2007-10-17 - Pictures

2007-10-13 - Pictures

2007-10-06 - Pictures

2007-09-30 - Pictures

2007-09-28 - Pictures

2007-09-27 - Pictures

2007-09-25 - Pictures

2007-09-15 - Pictures

2007/08/25-09/06 - Veronica melds into our family life.

2007/08/22-25 - Veronica comes home from the hospital.

Veronica Louise Hart was born at 4:55 PM on August 21st, 2007. Kristen and Nicky are doing well. We are very pleased. Pictures here.

2007/07/07 - BBQ at the Nelsons.

2007/07/04 - Fourth of July.

2007/07/03 - New water slide.

2007/06/23 - Goat Roast!

2007/06/21 - Bat in the Belfry (or at least the dining room).

2007/05/29 - Trip east for Lee's father's 70th and grandmother's 89th birthday party.

2007/05/15 - Kids playing.

2007/05/12 - Kids playing.

2007/05/09 - Man Night.

2007/05/07 - Kids playing.

2007/05/05 - A visit with the Nelsons (and dad plas with a new lens).

2007/05/04 - Virginia goes to the Pacific Science Center to see Grossology and butterflies with mom & dad.

2007/04/23 - Virginia looks for her new sibling in mommy's belly.

2007/04/17 - Virginia strikes a pose.

2007/04/08 - Virginia and Victoria in their Easter best.

I have been remiss in keeping the main page updated with links to new pictures. Things have settled down at home, and until number 3 arrives in August, I should be more able to maintain this site. My apologies.

2007/04/07 - Virginia and Victoria visit the Chapman Easter egg hunt.

2007/02/17 - Virginia and Victoria play in the house, ham it up for the camera

2007/02/14 - Seattle Flower Show (with Virginia)

2007/02/03 - Victoria naps in high chair, MAD and Virginia ham it up

2007/01/12 - Sledding pictures, Virginia's rasberries

2007/01/11 - Holiday pictures (Virginia looks at Christmas tree, aftermath of windstorm damage, Mikayla's birthday, Lee's 40th birthday cake, Snow!

2006/12/03 - Virginia helps to pick up clothes (from inside the hamper)

2006/11/12 - Virginia decorated a cake

2006/11/10 - Virginia and Rolf's birthday

2006/10/31 - Virginia and Victoria trick or treat at Lee's office

2006/10/29 - Virginia and Victoria visit Mikayla wearing costumes

2006/09/30 - Virginia and Victoria go to the Zoo; Chris helps out.

2006/09/10 - Uncle Dave loses his ponytail

2006/09/08 - Moon shots

2006/08/16 - Street of Dreams at Forbes Lake

2006/08/11 - 2006 Vacation - Group pictures at beach

2006/08/05 - 2006 Vacation - Suhr Family Reunion

2006/08/04 - 2006 Vacation - At great-grandad Suhr's house.

2006/08/03 - 2006 Vacation - Victoria playing in Grammy Joy and Granddad's bathroom

2006/08/01 - 2006 Vacation - at Longwood Gardens and Aunt Heidi's house

2006/07/27 - 2006 Vacation - at Grammy Joy and Grandad's house

2006Vacation - Pictures from Alicia, Dad, Nana, and Grammy Joy

2006/07/23 - Victoria's first birthday, family at Evergreen and Microsoft company picnics.

2006/07/08 - Virginia and Victoria in pool (June 26), Victoria's first haircut

2006/06/10 - Jack and Kaddee's reception, Virginia plays with rasberries

2006/05/20 - Pictures from April and May (Grammy Joy and Granddad visit, Easter Egg hunt, pictures from around the new house, Erik and Anita's wedding)

2006/02/19 - Victoria's first Christmas, many pictures of Virginia and Victoria.

2005/12/17 - Sunny's respite, Virginia's new snow suit, Virginia and Victoria in holiday outfits, new Sienna.

2005/12/02 - Pictures from Oct to Dec 2005 (Deer under apple trees, Virginia's second birthday, first snow at new house.)

2005/10/08 - Pictures from Aug to Oct 2005 (Virginia's blackberry face, Kristen's Hoya, moving day, 4 generations of Hart women.)

2005/08/10 - Pictures from late July to mid-August (Victoria comes home, Grammy Joy, Erik's 40th)

2005/07/21 - Pictures from Victoria's birth

2005/07/17 - Pictures from May 2005 to July 2005 (belly shots, Street of Dreams, Kristen's sidecar trip.)

2005/05/07 - Pictures from Dec 2004 to May 2005 (Holiday party, motorcycle show, Virginia 's first shoes, Garden Show, Easter Egg Party, East Coast trip, Philomena's last day.)

We moved! Pictures of our new house can be seen here.

Victoria Rose Hart was born at 3:51 AM on Wednesday, July 20th 2005. More information can be found on my blog.

Kristen is pregnant again! More details can be found here.

Most new pictures can revolve around our lovely daughter Virginia, and can be found here.

Lee rides with Chris to the WetLeather Cookoff 2004.

Virginia, Kristen & Lee visit the company picnic and Bronze's memorial birthday party.

Lee and Virginia went to the GPNDG 2004.

On Wednesday July 21st, 2004, a friend and great man died. Ken Saucier (also known as Bronze or Bronze4922) died while returning from a national shooting competition. He is deeply missed.

Virginia, Kristen & Lee joined Lee's family at the Grand Canyon.

Virginia, Kristen & Lee visited Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection.

Virginia, Kristen, and Lee visit the Surdyk's and the Schreiner's.

In honor of Virginia's birth, Kristen, David (Lee's brother), Nancy & Lester (Lee's parents) went to the Herbfarm.

Lee's parents and grandmother visited for Christmas 2003.

Kristen, Lee, Virginia, and Joylene Suhr (Kristen's Mom) hosted an Orphan's Thanksgiving.

Kristen and Lee's baby girl, Virginia Joylene, was born Monday 10 November 2003!  For all the most recent info, visit here.

Late in the pregnancy, after she'd passed the due date, Kristen decided to try an unconventional approach to shake the baby down.

For our first wedding anniversary we decided to go all-out. You can see the results here.

Kristen is pregnant! (due 10/29/2003) The first picture of the parasite (12 weeks) is here. What a horrible father I am, referring to my progeny that way. You can view a few shots of Kristen's progress here.

A picture from the second sonogram (20 weeks) is available here.

October 2002 - Kristen and I were married!

February 2002 - Kristen Suhr agreed to marry me

September - November 2001 - Four corners trip around the United States

July 2001 - My trip to the 2001 Great Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather.

June 2001 - My family visits.

March 2001 - I just returned from a motorcycle tour of New Zealand .

Sept 2000 - I bought a new house!

August 2000 - my GPNDG pictures.

NYE 2000 - My New Years Eve Dinner at the Herbfarm

September 1999 motorcycle tour (Mediterranean to Alps) of Europe .

RIP Hannah Virginia Bedwell - 27 Aug 1990 - 5 Jun 2008

Hannah, I'm sorry that you never were able to get past the angst and torture of your teenage years. I wish you peace.

Obituary and guestbook

Brady's pictures, etc.

I'm a bit of a gear head. Before kids, most of these pictures related to one or more of my vehicles. In order that I acquired them they are a 1995 Jeep YJ Sahara (AKA Wrangler), 1998 BMW K1200RSL, 1999 Corvette Convertible, 1999 BMW R1200C, 2000 BMW K1200LT-C, 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche, 2001 Yamaha TW200, and 2006 Toyota Sienna.

Aside from family, some of my other interests include travel, cooking, aviation, home theatre, yard work (and other hands-on sorts of projects).

Am I the Lee Hart you are looking for? If you would like to send me feedback, please send it to LeeHart@LeeHart.Com

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